Telecommunications Policy

A fresh look at zero-rating

An economic assessment of zero-rating offers in the context of mobile internet access services and draw six lessons:

New insights from a multilevel approach to the regional digital divide in the European Union

This paper contributes to the literature on digital divide by analysing regional- and country level determinants of the regional digital divide in the EU, based on panel data and using the multilevel analysis- the three level random slope model.

The participation society and its inability to correct the failure of market players to deliver adequate service levels in rural areas

This paper critically reviews the ‘participation society’ inspired policy measures of two Dutch provinces (Drenthe and Groningen) for providing rural broadband.

Zero-rating arrangements of mobile Internet access service providers – An analysis of main factors shaping the need for regulatory interventions

Zero-rating is the practice of providers of radio-based Internet access for moving telecommunication devices of excluding traffic generated by specific online applications from usage counted towards capped allowances or strictly metered tariffs of