Did Trump just launch Trump TV?

After Oct 20’s third and final presidential debate, on cable and network television, Donald Trump surrogates rushed to spin Trump’s assertion that he would not accept the results of the November election, and some cable television post-debate pane

Lawmakers Eye App Competition

A new letter to the Federal Trade Commission by Rep Hank Johnson (D-GA) and friends asks the agency to probe the “increasing difficulty that app developers have in reaching and communicating with customers in some app ecosystems.” But the note has

Names Emerge for Clinton FCC

The early contenders to run the Federal Communications Commission in a Hillary Clinton administration include longtime Clinton allies and donors, say sources close to the campaign.

What If the Newspaper Industry Made a Colossal Mistake?

What if the entire newspaper industry got it wrong?

How chatbots are colonizing politics

Chatbots, one of the hottest trends in consumer technology, are invading the 2016 election, with Democrats and progressives deploying the artificial intelligence-powered software to do things like register voters and keep supporters engaged with H

Trump transition team picks regulation foe Jeffrey Eisenach as telecom point man

Donald Trump's presidential transition team is turning to a crusader against regulation as it seeks to craft a strategy on issues like network neutrality and the future of the Federal Communications Commission, according to three sources familiar

What the FBI Files Reveal About Hillary Clinton’s Email Server

Hillary Clinton comes across in the FBI interviews as a disengaged tech user who sees the communication tools as little more than a means to an end. She has, according to multiple aides, never even learned how to use a desktop computer.

Fox news exec to staff: Online polls ‘not true measures of public opinion’

Fox News’s vice president of public-opinion research sent a memo to staff reminding employees that unscientific online polls, which were cited in several segments to suggest that Donald Trump won Sept 26’s presidential debate against Hillary Clint

Next big thing: The 'uberfication' of crowdsourced news

Get ready to hear a lot about the “uberfication” of user-generated content. Yes, it’s a mouthful. But it’s also the next big thing.

With E-mail List, Sen Cruz profited off Trump well before endorsing him

It took Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) four months and three weeks of “careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience” to declare publicly that he would vote for Donald Trump.