Kushner: We struck deal with Sinclair for straighter coverage

Donald Trump's campaign struck a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group during the campaign to try and secure better media coverage, his son-in-law Jared Kushner told business executives.

Covering Politics in a ‘Post-Truth’ America

[Commentary] As the 2016 wild presidential campaign progressed, that became my ever-more nagging worry and then our collective nightmare—the fear, clearly realized, that all the flood of news and information we’ve celebrated might somehow be drown

Source: Twitter cut out of Trump tech meeting over failed emoji deal

Twitter was told it was "bounced" from Dec 14's meeting between tech executives and President-elect Donald Trump in retribution for refusing during the campaign to allow an emoji version of the hashtag #CrookedHillary, apparently.

Reince Priebus signals changes ahead for White House press corps

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus suggested that major changes are coming to the White House press corps.

How Donald Trump's potential press secretary views the press: "Worse than irrelevant"

On Dec 6, President-elect Donald Trump met with conservative commentator Laura Ingraham at Trump Tower.

Commissioner Pai in Line or Role Reversal as Acting FCC Chairman

Federal Communications Commission member Ajit Pai has spent much of the past three years being the FCC's Commissioner No, but he could soon find himself with a new role at the agency.

Chairman Walden’s Chief of Staff to Depart

House Commerce Committee Chairman-to-be Greg Walden (R-OR) is losing his longtime chief of staff.

Media Matters to pivot away from focus on Fox News, as it names new president

Liberal media-watchdog organization Media Matters is naming a new president and taking its coverage in a new direction, with less emphasis on cable news and more focus on fake news and other "bad actors." Angelo Carusone, currently the organizatio

Time Warner CEO: Trump isn’t serious about redefining First Amendment

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, who counts CNN, HBO, Warner Bros.

The New Rules for Covering Trump

There has never been a president like Donald Trump before, and the usual press reflexes won’t produce copy that allows readers to see through his lies and deceptions.