For conservatives, social media is a key battleground

At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Trevor Loudon, author of "Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress,” said: “The media is totally against the president.

Rep Khanna headed to Appalachia to support program that trains young people for tech jobs

Rep Ro Khanna (D-CA), whose Silicon Valley district is home to Apple, Google, Facebook and Tesla, says he’ll travel to Appalachia in March to lend his support to a program that trains young people — including the children of coal miners — for jobs

Chief digital officer steps down from White House job over background check

White House Chief Digital Officer Gerrit Lansing was among the six staffers who were dismissed from the White House recently after being unable to pass an FBI background check, apparently. The issue with the background check was over investments.

FCC Defends Prison Call Shift

Although Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai believes there’s market failure in the prison phone call industry, the FCC’s “well-intentioned efforts have not been fully consistent with the law,” the agency’s acting general counsel t

Network neutrality could be GOP's next repeal-and-replace target

Leading Republicans want to get rid of the Federal Communications Commission’s network neutrality rules — and substitute them with less-stringent legislation.

Maryland blogger settles defamation lawsuit brought by Melania Trump

A Maryland blogger has settled a defamation lawsuit filed by first lady Melania Trump.

Trump's fleeting tweets alarm archivists

President Donald Trump sent a number of tweets to the 23.5 million followers of his personal Twitter account.

The Politicization of Everything

Tired of the election and our latest First 100 Days already? Too bad. Good luck trying to disengage.

Silicon Valley leaders organizing against President Trump

A collection of Silicon Valley executives, engineers and activists are quietly plotting a progressive counterattack against President Donald Trump, a sign of the industry's growing anger at his election victory and actions on immigration.

Federal workers turn to encryption to thwart Trump

Federal employees worried that President Donald Trump will gut their agencies are creating new email addresses, signing up for encrypted messaging apps and looking for other, protected ways to push back against the new administration’s agenda.