5G Compromise Bill Still a Hit to Local Government

A bipartisan Senate bill introduced in late June would expedite placement of 5G infrastructure but limit state and local authority in negotiating application fees with mobile carriers.

You Should Be ‘Significantly Concerned’ There’s No White House Cyber Coordinator, Policy Experts Say

How concerned should Americans be about a White House shuffle that removed the cybersecurity coordinator position?

Lawmakers Vote Against Reinstating the Office of Technology Assessment

A push by a cohort of Democratic Reps to reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment failed on the House floor June 8. The office was created in 1972 to offer bipartisan advice and assistance to lawmakers on difficult technical issues.

GAO Probing FCC Claims of Denial-of-Service Attack

The Government Accountability Office is investigating the Federal Communications Commission’s claim that its commenting system suffered a distributed denial-of-service attack during a controversial debate over repealing net neutrality rules in May

Huawei Slams FCC Efforts to Bar It From Federal Communications Program

The Federal Communications Commission’s efforts to block the Chinese company Huawei from US telecommunications contracts and supply chains is unconstitutional, misguided, “arbitrary and capricious,” Huawei said.