Federal Website Security Bill Moves Forward In House

Legislation approved by the House Oversight Committee would require agency chief information officers to vouch to Congress for the security of any new government websites that gather citizens' personal information.

Key Senators Back A Stronger, More Digital FOIA

The chairman and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee expressed interest in a House-passed bill to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act, including by mandating a single online portal for all government FOIA requests.

Pentagon Tries Again On Cyber Intelligence-Sharing Contract

The Defense Department will recompete a $26 million contract to support a classified cyber intelligence network, after federal attorneys determined the Pentagon failed to properly evaluate contractor proposals, Defense officials said.

TSA Halts Testing On Technology To Screen Passengers' Online Data

The Transportation Security Administration has called off -- for now -- live tests of technology that would expand background checks on airplane passengers to include analyses of their online presences.

Women Fleeing Science, Tech Fields

The talent pipeline of female workers in science, engineering and technology fields is on the rise, yet many women -- faced with hostile work environments, extreme work pressures and isolation – are fleeing these in-demand fields in droves.