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Next Century Cities’ 2020 Census Kiosk Toolkit

How will 2020 – the first online census – offer new challenges? Historically, the census has always been completed using paper forms. But in 2020, the census will be conducted primarily online for the first time. While there will still be options to respond with a paper form or via phone, most homes will receive an invitation to complete the census online.

Broadband for America’s Future: A Vision for the 2020s Gives A Comprehensive Overview of a Problem That We Can Solve

At a time when millions of Americans still do not have access to broadband of any kind, Next Century Cities is a resource for local leaders who are searching for connectivity solutions. Lifting up the voices of local broadband advocates, our work helps to ensure that lawmakers and policymakers understand what is at stake for our member communities, especially those that are still struggling to provide reliable, affordable broadband access for their residents.

Talking the Future of Fiber in Breckenridge

Senior Program Manager Cat Blake presented on Fiber and the Future of Mountain Communities, an informational panel hosted by the town of Breckenridge (CO). Panelists discussed the importance of investing in broadband infrastructure and the future of connectivity in the region. The discussion began with a question on the value of internet access in a community like Breckenridge, with panelists noting potential job growth and new educational resources.

Next Century Cities Announces New Executive Director

Next Century Cities has selected a new executive director: Francella Ochillo. Most recently the Vice President of Policy and General Counsel for the National Hispanic Media Coalition, Ochillo is a digital rights advocate who is committed to expanding access for underserved and unserved communities. She earned a BS in Marketing from Morgan State University and a JD from John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois. 

Becoming Broadband Ready: A Toolkit for Communities

A guide for communities that are seeking solutions to connect residents to broadband. The toolkit acts as a comprehensive first-stop resource for community leaders by outlining the most important considerations and action steps for communities beginning broadband expansion projects. These “building blocks” for a successful project are broken down into clear, concise sections that are presented in chronological order, with the most fundamental ingredients first and more nuanced considerations later. 

Understanding the FCC’s Proposed Small Cell Order

On September 5, the Federal Communications Commission released the text of an order in its ongoing proceeding to streamline the rollout of infrastructure for broadband services, including small cells for 5G wireless service. The order is expected to be adopted at the FCC’s September 26th meeting. The order is a blatant effort by the FCC to strengthen the hand of carriers in negotiations with local governments over small cell deployment and to limit the ability of local governments to negotiate in the public interest around small cells.