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Eric Schmidt Has an Interest. Is It a Conflict?

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D-NY) appointed a three-person commission to offer thoughts on the use of technology in schools.

A Proposed Merger Brings Out the Thoughtful Side of Congress

[Commentary] Lawmakers on the Hill, usually eager to score points and yell about imaginary scandals, have been surprisingly thoughtful about Comcast’s $45 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable, a pressing antitrust issue.

All the Way to 2032, Come What May

Eighteen years ago, there was no certainty that we would be watching sports and movies on little mobile screens or that outfits like Netflix would engage us by streaming series a season at a time.

Kenneth Tomlinson, Conservative Voice in Broadcast Oversight, Dies at 69

Kenneth Tomlinson, a conservative journalist who used his leadership role in federal communications agencies to counter what he regarded as liberal bias, died on May 1 at a hospital in Winchester (VA).

He was 69.

Using Weathercasters to Deliver a Climate Change Message

Eight weather broadcasters were invited to interview President Barack Obama and spend the day at the White House.

Alibaba IPO May Unleash Global Fight Over Users

The largest technology stock offering in history is looming, but few in Silicon Valley seem to care.

Devices That Know How We Really Feel

Admit it: Sometimes you just want to punch your PC, or slap your smartphone, or knock your notebook. We all get riled by technology once in a while, with all those feeble batteries, endless updates and spinning wheels of death.

When Hitting ‘Find My iPhone’ Takes You to a Thief’s Doorstep

With smartphone theft rampant, apps like Find My iPhone offer a new option for those desperate to recover their devices, allowing victims to act when the police will not.

California Analysis Pours Cold Water on Expanded TV and Film Subsidies

The California legislative analyst’s office offered what it called “preliminary observations” on the push for expanded film and television subsidies in the state -- and it advices to proceed with a great deal of caution.

The Dark Side of the Sharing Economy

[Commentary] Proponents of the “sharing economy” say websites like Airbnb that make it easy for people to rent a spare bedroom or an apartment on a short-term basis are a boon to cities like New York and San Francisco because they generate income