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Tech, Telecom Giants to Fight Robocalls as Wheeler Threatens FCC Action

A group of 32 telecommunications companies, phone manufacturers and tech firms will join AT&T in developing standards and procedures to fight robocalls, the automated calls and texts made to individuals to either sell products or commit scams.

Voters Agree With Trump, Say Media Is Biased Toward Clinton

A plurality of Americans share the sentiment that media coverage is biased toward Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a view pushed for decades by Republicans, and most recently by the party’s current nominee, Donald Trump.

Groups Say Transitioning Internet-Naming Agency Would Break Law

Twenty-five advocacy groups want the Commerce Department to hold off on plans to cede its control over the body that governs internet domain names.

President Obama: US Could Punish Russia for Hacks, With Enough Proof

Russia could face punishment for hacks on Democratic Party organizations if proof emerges that the state is the culprit, President Barack Obama said.

Arab Americans Join With Tech, Privacy Groups to Fight Surveillance

Privacy advocates in the technology space have a new ally in Arab American groups to help with their fight to keep US surveillance at bay. They are spurred on by anti-Muslim rhetoric from Republicans.

Tech Is Prominent in GOP Platform, but Trump’s Silence Speaks Volumes

The Republican Party’s policy platform has a lot in it to energize the tech community.

Internet Association Policy Platform Has Some Overlap, Conflicts with GOP’s

A lobbying group representing companies like Facebook, Spotify and Uber released its 2016 policy platform, with a focus on copyright, consumer privacy and the sharing economy.

Lawmakers Say Privacy, Security Needed in Health Apps Market

Health apps and wearable smart technology are a popular commodity in the United States. These apps can help individuals take care of their health by analyzing the amount they exercise, walk, and eat, as well as diagnosing illnesses.

Data Localization Would Harm U.S. Economy, Tech Experts Warn

A growing global trend of data localization, also called data nationalization, is threatening firms’ ability to conduct business around the world.