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WSJ Employees Say Senior Editor Tried To Pull Story For Political Reasons

Wall Street Journal employees circulated a letter that alleges a “senior editor” at the newspaper attempted to remove an already-published multimedia graphic that the senior editor deemed “not politically palatable.”  “This is censorship and it is

Smart Cities are Changing

[Commentary]  Bill Gates is setting aside $80 million and over 24,000 acres to build one. Over in India, they’re planning to construct over 100 of them. They’re smart cities (SC), and they’ve been in development longer than you might think.

What Net Neutrality Really Means For You (And For Us)

[Commentary] The repeal of network neutrality isn’t great news for consumers.

To Save the Internet We Need To Own the Networks

[Commentary] The only sure fire strategy to regain control of this vital underpinning of modern economies is for us to own the broadband networks themselves. Only then will we able make the rules that serve the public interest.

Poisoning The Well: The View Of Sinclair Broadcast Group From Flint

As far as media markets go, you’d be hard-pressed to find one with a greater need for fair and sober reporting than Flint (MI).

How Net Neutrality Repeal Could Silence Women And People Of Color

With network neutrality repeal, internet service providers (ISPs) are free to block or throttle any content they don’t like.