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Trump scraps signing of cybersecurity executive action

President Donald Trump scrapped plans to sign an executive action launching a government-wide cybersecurity overhaul. The White House did not immediately provide an explanation for the cancellation.

With Trump, Twitter transition stirs confusion

The handoff of federal agencies' social media accounts to the Trump administration is sparking controversy and complicating the transition.

Trump to call for sweeping review of cybersecurity in exec order

President Donald Trump is preparing an executive order calling for a large-scale review of national cybersecurity. “Free and secure use of cyberspace is essential to advancing US national interests. The Internet is a vital national resource.

Sen Klobuchar calls for scrutiny of reported Verizon-Charter merger

Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee Ranking Member Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said that a potential merger between Verizon and Charter would raise red flags for regulators.

Trump's @POTUS Twitter account was tied to Gmail

The White House tightened up President Trump's lax social media security shortly after it was revealed that Trump’s official Twitter account, @POTUS, was linked to a personal Gmail account.

Conservative groups ask Congress to rescind FCC privacy rules

Conservative groups are urging Congress to roll back the broadband privacy rules that were enacted by the Federal Communications Commission in 2016.

GOP expects sweeping change at Trump’s FCC

Republicans are eager to turn the page at the Federal Communications Commission after eight years of policies under President Barack Obama that they say have stifled innovation and burdened the tech sector.

White House says it hasn't told agencies to stop tweeting

The White House denied it has directed federal agencies to stop using social media, saying new restrictions on communications have instead come from within those agencies themselves. “There's nothing that has come from the White House.

The new political calculus on net neutrality

[Commentary] The window of opportunity for negotiating a legislative compromise on reasonable network neutrality protections is 2017. The 2015 assumptions supporting the old political calculus all collapsed with the election outcome.

Democratic Lawmakers promise to stand up to FCC chair on net neutrality

Democratic lawmakers are promising to fight new Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai if he tries to roll back network neutrality rules.