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ITIF’s Castro: How Congress can fix 'internet of things' security

[Commentary] In the wake of recent cyberattacks, many policymakers are left wondering what, if anything, they can do to prevent future attacks and how they can make the burgeoning Internet of things more secure.

Hackers reveal apparent targets of NSA cyber espionage

The hacker or hackers who stole National Security Agency-built cyber tools have dumped new files in what appears to be yet another change of plans in monetizing the heist.

Legal expert: Election rants, threats are pushing First Amendment limits

[Commentary] Free speech is an American’s birthright. But for the first time in living memory, ordinary people are pushing the boundaries of the First Amendment.

RNC: New FBI review of Clinton emails 'stunning development'

The FBI’s announcement that it may have found new evidence related to Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server is a “stunning development” that “raises serious questions” about the Democratic presidential nominee, the head of the Republican Nationa

Facebook launches guide for voters

Facebook rolled out a ballot guide aimed at preparing people for the voting booth, the company’s latest effort at civic engagement.

How Facebook, Twitter silence conservative voices online

[Commentary] The recent news that Facebook staffers had sought to delete Donald Trump’s posts calling for restrictions on Muslim immigration as violating the company’s hate speech policies has revived the ongoing controversy about ideological neut

Clinton camp blindsided by e-mail story

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign-in-waiting appeared unprepared for a New York Times story in 2015 that exposed her exclusive use of private e-mail account and server for government business, according to a newly released e-mail.

Senate Democratic super PAC sets fundraising record

The Senate Majority PAC, a super PAC linked to Senate Democratic leaders, reported that it raised $19.3 million through the first 20 days of October, setting a record.

The merger or the market?

[Commentary] For the third time in less than a decade, AT&T is merging again. In the wake of the announcement, there is rampant speculation on whether it’s unconscionable or inevitable.

White House contest casts shadow over mega-deal

Presidential politics are casting a shadow over the biggest media acquisition of 2016.