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Democratic state attorneys general sue to preserve net neutrality rules

Twenty-two Democratic state attorneys general launched a lawsuit aimed at preserving network neutrality on Feb 20, the same day the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published its rule striking the regulations in the Federal Register.

Conservatives say they've lost thousands of followers on Twitter

Conservative Twitter users are speaking out about a loss in followers after Twitter reportedly suspended thousands of accounts.

Congressional Democratic leadership Want to Boost FBI Budget to Fight Russia's Election Interference

Congressional Democratic leadership wants to boost the FBI's budget in March's government funding bill to help fight Russian interference in the 2018 midterm elections. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy

Lawmakers worry about rise of fake video technology

Lawmakers are concerned that advances in video manipulation technology could set off a new era of fake news. Now legislators say they want to start working on fixes to the problem before it’s too late. 

General Counsel for the Internet Association to Join White House as Adviser to President Trump

An executive at a top technology trade association will be joining the White House as a tech adviser to President Donald Trump.

House Commerce Committee Democratic Reps press FCC for answers on net neutrality comments

On Feb 13, all 24 Democratic Reps on the House Commerce Committee sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commissioners over how it reviewed the docket of 24 million public comments submitted in response to the agency’s repeal of its network n