Frontier exceeds 2017 CAF II build-out schedule in 8 additional states

Frontier appears to be on a roll with its Connect America Fund II deployments, expanding broadband services in the rural areas of eight additional states in 2017.  The list of states included in this latest push in which Frontier is ahead of pace

Frontier sticks broadband consumers with $2 Internet Infrastructure Surcharge

Frontier users have found an unwelcome present in their latest bill as the company has added a $2-a-month Internet Infrastructure Surcharge:

Verizon looks at 5G markets where municipalities are progressive about new tech

Verizon’s Ed Chan didn’t exactly spill the beans about where Verizon will launch commercial 5G residential broadband services next year—that would be rather peculiar if he did—but he did give a few insights into the decision-making process.

50 mayors tell FCC Chairman Pai to not overturn net neutrality rules

A group of 50 US mayors sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai in a collective effort to ask that he keeps the current rules, which are based on Title II of the Communications Act, in place.

FCC’s plan to toss net neutrality is a win for 5G

While the claws are coming out, both pro and con, over network neutrality once again, one analyst says the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed order to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order will be a catalyst for 5G.