C-band debate poised to pivot, according to analysts at New Street Research

While the C-Band Alliance (CBA) proposal for the 3.7-4.2 GHz band remains in the lead, other proposals for this important midband spectrum could catch up, according to analysts at New Street Research.

T-Mobile launches fixed wireless broadband service pilot for 50,000 homes

T-Mobile is launching a pilot home broadband service to a small group of its wireless subscribers. The invitation-only pilot will connect around 50,000 homes of subscribers to a fixed wireless access service on T-Mobile’s LTE network.

AT&T and Comcast tout industry first to tackle robocalls

AT&T and Comcast said that they can authenticate calls made between the two different phone providers' networks, a potential industry first and the latest in the long-running battle against spam calls. AT&T and Comcast have successfully co

FCC admits it can’t track fake comments on electronic comment filing system

The Federal Communications Commission admitted in court that its Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) does not track where comments submitted to the system originate.

Operators face local opposition to 5G small cell deployments

Portland (OR) is suing the Federal Communications Commission for its wireless pre-emption order, which went into effect in Jan 2019 and limits local government authority to regulate how 5G small cell equipment is deployed.