Federal Communications Commission

FCC Proposes Over $47 Million In Fines For Failing To Meet Educational Requirements For Licensed Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission proposed fines on 10 entities for apparently failing to provide the educational services required by Educational Broadband Service (EBS) spectrum licenses they hold.

FCC Modernizes Siting Rule For Small Hub And Relay Wireless Antennas To Support New Wireless Deployments

The Federal Communications Commission updated its over-the-air reception device rule to ensure that certain antennas that are used for the distribution of broadband-only fixed wireless services to multiple customer locations can be sited in ways that support the deployment of next generation networks, including 5G.

Tenth Measuring Broadband America Fixed Broadband Report

The Federal Communications Commission's Office of Engineering and Technology released a report on measuring fixed broadband, finding, among other things: the weighted average advertised speed of the participating broadband providers was 146.1 Mbps, representing an 8% increase from the previous year and over a 100% increase from two years prior; and for most of the major broadband providers tested, measured download speeds were 100% or better than advertised speeds during the peak hours.

FCC Adds Three Items to Jan 13 Meeting Agenda

In addition to five panels summarizing the work of the Federal Communications Commission over the past four years, the commission will consider the following --