Federal Communications Commission

Chairman Pai Remarks at Women in Cable Telecommunications Conference

Allow me to make a few brief points about why Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) is an important organization whose longevity should be celebrated. First, WICT opens doors. Second, WICT develops talent. Third, WICT creates role models.

FCC Ready to Authorize $140 Million in Rural Broadband Funding for CAF II Auction Winners, Verizon Among Them

The Federal Communications Commission issued a public notice stating that it is “ready to authorize” $140 million in rural broadband funding for a portion of the entities that had winning bids in the Connect America Fund CAF II auction.

Chairman Pai Appoints Alexander Sanjenis Acting Media Advisor

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced that Alexander Sanjenis will serve as his acting media advisor. Sanjenis replaces Alison Nemeth Steger, who is departing the FCC.

Chairman Pai Remarks on 5G at Mobile World Congress Latin American Roundtable

By now, most of you have already had two days of non-stop talk about 5G. So, I was trying to think of a way to mix things up—to keep it fresh. And I came up with an idea. I will deliver my remarks in Spanish.

FCC Commissioner Starks Statement On Windstream Bankruptcy Filing

It’s concerning when one of the nation’s largest internet and voice service providers files for bankruptcy. Windstream provides critical 9-1-1 service and I will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure that there are no disruptions.

FCC Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks Before NAB State Leadership Conference

Quadrennial Review: The Commission may have to acknowledge that the current media marketplace can no longer be defined solely by traditional media voices stovepiped into discrete categories, such as television and radio. If done properly, this act

Memorializing the Significance of the FCC’s Chief Information Officer’s Role

The Federal Communications Commission adopted a change to a rule to incorporate a statutory update to the authorities of the FCC’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) into the FCC’s organizational rules.