Federal Communications Commission

Commissioner Rosenworcel on California Net Neutrality Law

Gov Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed a network neutrality bill into law.  A hefty thank you to the Golden State for your effort to get right what the Federal Communications Commission got wrong when it wiped out our open internet protections late in 2017

Commissioner O'Rielly statement on California Net Neutrality Law and DOJ Intervention

While not surprising, California’s net neutrality effort reaffirms its leaders’ total lack of understanding of how technology or our economy actually works, particularly its ban on paid prioritization.

Keeping Up A Fast Pace On Spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission's October agenda will address three issues critical to advancing the 5G FAST Plan—creating more opportunities for unlicensed innovation in the 6 GHz band, expanding spectrum opportunities for 5G in the 3.5 GHz

Chairman Pai on DOJ Lawsuit Against California Internet Regulation Law

I’m pleased the Department of Justice has filed this suit. The Internet is inherently an interstate information service. As such, only the federal government can set policy in this area.

Chairman Pai Remarks at White House 5G Summit

With senior leaders participating from across government, this meeting sends a powerful message: US leadership in 5G technology is a national imperative for economic growth and competitiveness. So point one: We need to seize the opportunities of 5

Commissioner O'Rielly Remarks Before the 2018 Radio Show

Thank you for the opportunity to join your esteemed industry in Orlando (FL) to discuss radio policy issues. As we head into our next Quadrennial Review, more work remains, which I would like to spend my time discussing with you today:

FCC Facilitates Use of Satellite Earth Stations in Motion

The Federal Communications Commission streamlined, consolidated, and harmonized the rules governing earth stations used to provide satellite-based services on ships, airplanes, and vehicles.