Federal Communications Commission

FCC To Hold Open Commission Meeting June 9, 2020

The Federal Communications Commission will hold an Open Meeting on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and related agency telework and headquarters access policies, this meeting will be in a wholly electronic format and will be open to the public on the Internet via live feed from the FCC’s web page and on the FCC’s YouTube channel.

FCC Chairman Pai Remarks at Wi-Fi Alliance Meeting

Thank you for recognizing me with your Wi-Fi Champion Award. Some might point out that it’s been nearly six weeks since the Federal Communications Commission adopted its 6 GHz Order, and ask: Isn’t it a bit late to still be taking a victory lap? To them, I would say: It’s a really big victory. We’re making the entire 6 GHz band—a massive 1,200 megahertz testbed for innovators and innovation available for unlicensed use. By doing this, we are effectively increasing the amount of mid-band spectrum available for Wi-Fi by almost a factor of five.

FCC Boosts Wireless Broadband For Rural Kentucky With Temporary Spectrum Access For Harlan County

The Federal Communications Commission has granted a request for temporary access to spectrum to improve access to wireless broadband services in Harlan County, Kentucky during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Special Temporary Authority granted today gives Harlan 2-Way, Inc. access to spectrum in the 2.5 GHz band for 60 days.

Commissioner Starks Statement On Nationwide Protests and Social Change

As not only a Commissioner of the FCC, but as a Black father of two young children who deeply cares about my country and my community, I know that our policymakers must do more to include Black people and other communities of color and create a better world for future generations. We all have a part to play in the fight for equity and, as a communications policymaker, I take it very seriously. I am committed to continuing to advocate for inclusive broadband access and adoption policies and diversity in media ownership.

C-Band Spectrum Will Be Available for 5G Services on Accelerated Basis

The Federal Communications Commission's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau announces that Eutelsat SA, Intelsat US LLC, SES Americom, Claro S.A. f/k/a Star One S.A.

FCC Streamlines Lifeline Process for Tribal Consumers

The Federal Communications Commission eased the Lifeline program application and enrollment process during the COVID-19 pandemic for low-income consumers living on rural Tribal lands. Specifically, the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau issued a temporary waiver (until Aug 31, 2020) to allow Lifeline carriers to begin providing Lifeline service to consumers in rural Tribal areas even if those consumers have not yet submitted certain documentation to complete their application.

FCC Grants Makah Tribe Spectrum Access for Broadband During Pandemic

The Federal Communications Commission has granted an emergency Special Temporary Authority request filed by the Makah Tribe to use unassigned spectrum in the 2.5 GHz band to provide wireless broadband service over its reservation as part of its emergency COVID-19 pandemic response. The Tribe is located within Washington State. The temporary grant of authority is effective for 60 days.

FCC Commissioner Starks Remarks to the Commercial Spaceflight Federation Webinar

The American space industry holds tremendous potential to address [the challenge of the digital divide] through next-generation satellite broadband. The coming proliferation of small low-earth-orbit satellites promises to unleash internet connectivity with latency and speeds superior to existing satellite broadband options and competitive with cable and fiber offerings. And they will reach places that, due to difficult terrain and distance from population centers, have not shared in the benefits of expanding terrestrial networks.