Federal Communications Commission

FCC Seeks Comment on Rural Digital Opportunity Fund Petitions for Designation as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier

The Federal Communications Commission's Wireline Competition Bureau (WCB) seeks comment on several petitions for designation as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) for the purpose of becoming eligible to receive universal service support. The petitioners are winning bidders in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) auction (Auction 904). ETC designation is a prerequisite to receiving universal service support available through the high-cost and Lifeline programs.

FCC Encourages Public to Use Its Speed Test App

As part of the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadband Data Collection effort to collect comprehensive data on broadband availability across the United States, the FCC is encouraging the public to download the FCC’s Speed Test app, which is currently used to collect speed test data as part of the FCC’s Measuring Broadband America program. The app provides a way for consumers to test the performance of their mobile and in-home broadband networks.

FCC Releases 477 Data on Broadban Deployment as of June 30, 2020

The Federal Communications Commission's Office of Economics and Analytics (OEA), in conjunction with the Wireline Competition Bureau (WCB) and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB), released updated data on fixed broadband deployment, and mobile voice and broadband deployment as of June 30, 2020. These data were collected through FCC Form 477 and are available on the Commission’s website.

FCC Announces Additional 2.5 GHs Rural Tribal Priority Window License Applications Accepted for Filing

The Federal Communications Commission’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau announced that 50 additional applications received in the Rural Tribal Priority Window for 2.5 GHz band spectrum licenses have passed initial review and are accepted for filing. To date, the FCC has granted 216 licenses to enable Tribes to access this prime mid-band spectrum, and staff continues to make progress on reviewing additional applications. Successful Tribal applicants could receive licenses for exclusive use of up to 117.5 megahertz of 2.5 GHz spectrum.