Federal Communications Commission

FCC Commissioner Carr Added to Joint Boards

The Federal Communications Commission appoints Commissioner Brendan Carr to serve on the Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service and the Federal-State Joint Board on Jurisdictional Separations

Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee: Streamlining Federal Siting

Through its deliberations, the Streamlining Federal Siting Working Group Working Group found that the fundamental concerns regarding the streamlining of federal siting are 1) predictability and complexity of the application process and accompanying requirements and 2) the application review time. The Working Group offers ten recommentations:

1. Challenge: Varying and unpredictable fees and rates.

Solution: Standardize and publish fee schedules and utilize revenue in a way that promotes expediting federal siting processes.

Keynote Address of Chairman Pai at the Reason Media Awards

So what does it mean for a government agency to be on the side of innovation? Having served on the FCC since 2012, I’ve certainly had time to think about that question. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the most effective strategy for seizing the opportunities of the digital age is promoting the power of free markets. Instead of viewing innovation as a problem to be regulated based on rules from the past, government should see innovation’s potential, guided by markets that embrace the future.

Remarks of Commissioner Clyburn at Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee

Simply put, if you truly believe in the transformative power of broadband, as a tool of digital and economic empowerment, your focus cannot begin and end, with infrastructure. If you believe in universal access to 911, if you believe in education, or healthcare, or civic  engagement, if you believe that all of those national purposes are advanced by ensuring all Americans are connected, then you cannot ignore the affordability side of the equation.

Commissioner Rosenworel Remarks "The Next Generation TV Transition"

Next week the agency plans to vote on an Order clearing the way for Next Generation Television. That means the agency is set to vote to on the introduction of ATSC 3.0. In other words, we are set to change the television standard yet again. I think the way the FCC plans to proceed is no great boon for consumers. It’s a tax on every household with a television. It’s time for the FCC to go back to the drawing board and find a less disruptive way to facilitate broadcast innovation. There’s a way to do it.

Remarks of Commissioner O'Rielly Before the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee

The barriers preventing providers from bringing fixed and wireless broadband throughout our nation have increased despite the existence of this committee. The barriers being imposed are not caused by

FCC approves CBS-Entercom Merger with conditions

The Federal Communications Commission's grant the Merger and Divestiture Applications subject to certain conditions, and also grant the associated waivers on a temporary basis. The proposed transaction encompasses all of Entercom’s 127 and CBS’s 117 radio stations. Pursuant to an Agreement and Plan of Merger: (1) CBS Radio (CBSR) will be separated from CBS pursuant to a Master Separations Agreement; and (2) a wholly owned subsidiary of Entercom (Constitution Merger Sub Corp.) will merge with CBSR, with the merged CBSR surviving as a wholly owned subsidiary of Entercom.