Federal Communications Commission

FCC Opens Review of National Broadcast TV Ownership Cap

The Federal Communications Commission adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking initiating a comprehensive review of the national television audience reach cap, including the so-called UHF discount used by broadcasters to determine compliance with the cap. The national cap limits entities from owning or controlling television stations that, together, reach more than 39 percent of the television households in the country. The Commission’s last review of this rule occurred when the video marketplace looked very different and most Americans had fewer options for watching video programming.

FCC Adopts Restoring Internet Freedom Order, Ends Net Neutrality Protections

In a Declartory Ruling and two Orders, the Federal Communications Commission reversed its 2015 Open Internet rules.

Declaratory Ruling

FCC Chairman Pai Remarks on Restoring Internet Freedom

Much has been said and written over the course of the last week about the plan to restore Internet freedom. But much of the discussion has brought more heat than light. I’d like to cut through the hysteria and hot air and speak with you in plain terms about the plan. First, I’ll explain what it will do. Second, I’ll discuss why I’m advancing it. And third, I’ll respond to the main criticisms that have been leveled against it.

A Time to Give Thanks

Rounding out our December meeting will be two matters that were previewed yesterday.

First, the Federal Communications Commission will consider an order that would restore Internet freedom and return to the bipartisan, light-touch framework that helped America's Internet economy become the envy of the world. And unlike the previous Administration, which pushed through its Internet regulations without letting the public see what was being proposed, anyone can read my plan. It's on the Commission's website —more than three weeks before our scheduled vote.

Chairman Pai Circulates Draft Order To Restore Internet Freedom And Eliminate Heavy-Handed Internet Regulations

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai released the following statement on his draft Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which was circulated to his fellow Commissioners Nov 21 and will be voted on at the FCC’s Open Meeting on December 14:

FCC Modernizes Broadcast Ownership Rules

The Federal Communications Commission voted to modernize its broadcast ownership rules and to help promote ownership diversity in the broadcast industry. The Order on Reconsideration:

FCC Moves to Transform Lifeline Program for Low-Income Americans

The Federal Communications Commission took steps to transform its Lifeline program. A Fourth Report and Order, Order on Reconsideration, and Memorandum Opinion and Order changes FCC rules to:

Chairman Pai Signs Cross-Border Radio Frequency Spectrum Coordination Arrangement With Innovation Science And Economic Development Canada

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai signed an arrangement to implement a modernized framework for cross-border radio frequency spectrum coordination between the United States and Canada. This Transitional Arrangement with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) facilitates the provisional application of the new General Coordination Agreement (GCA) which the two countries signed on January 12 and 13.

FCC Announces Initial Connected Care Pilot Program Projects

The Federal Communications Commission announced an initial set of 14 pilot projects with over 150 treatment sites in 11 states that have been selected for the Connected Care Pilot Program. A total of $26.6 million will be awarded to these applicants for proposed projects to treat nearly half a million patients in both urban and rural parts of the country.

Chairman Pai Remarks to American Enterprise Institute

I’d like to walk you through four of the most challenging calls I had to make over the past four years: The Restoring Internet Freedom Order, designating the Sinclair/Tribune transaction for a hearing to resolve the disputed issues, granting Ligado's wireless application with conditions, and organizing 5G/C-Band auctions.