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America’s Digital Lifeline Is On Life Support

As the CEO of Connecting for Good, a nonprofit in Kansas City, Esselman helps several thousand households at low-income housing projects in the city get free access to the internet.

Here’s How The FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Might Be Throttled Under Trump

President-elect Donald Trump hasn’t commented publicly on the issue of network neutrality since his election, nor has he indicated who he’d nominate to fill Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler’s position or another open commissi

How Hackers Could Jam 911 Emergency Calls

In recent years, people have become more aware of a type of cyberattack called "denial-of-service," in which websites are flooded with traffic—often generated by many computers hijacked by a hacker and acting in concert with each other.

Can President Obama's Tech Legacy Survive President Trump?

Over the last eight years, President Barack Obama has upended the way the executive branch of government interacts with technology.

What Silicon Valley Wants From The Trump White House

For Silicon Valley and the tech sector, the ground has dramatically shifted in the last seven days. In the months leading up to the election, the sector overwhelmingly contributed more money to Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.

America Doesn't Have Time For More Tech-Challenged Politicians

[Commentary] For smart cities and smart cars to succeed, a legal framework needs to exist to undergird the technology. Officials will have to understand how the new technology will impact every corner of their state.

Where Clinton And Trump Stand On Cybersecurity And Privacy

Clinton generally favors continuing Obama's cyber policies, while Trump calls for more cyber warfare and surveillance.

Verizon Now Owns Tumblr. Could That Be A Good Thing?

Verizon is acquiring Yahoo for $4.83 billion in cash—and along with it, Tumblr, the Internet’s quirky link sharing network with 65 million users.

How I Taught My 6-Year-Old to Use the Internet, and Not Let Google Take Her Allowance Money

[Commentary] I decided to hold my daughter’s hand as we waded into the Internet as it is.

Google Invests In Undersea Cable To Boost Internet Speeds

Google said it is investing in a faster undersea cable that will connect cities on the US West Coast to two locations in Japan, potentially offering 60 terabits per second of bandwidth.