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Why Low-Income Communities Are Building Their Own Internet Networks

With major telecommunication companies not offering broadband in poorer neighborhoods, community organizers are training locals to manage and implement their own networks to create equity and opportunities. In Detroit (MI), the Equitable Internet

Erasing History: YouTube’s Deletion Of Syria War Videos Concerns Human Rights Groups

YouTube hosts 4 million videos related to Syria that have been uploaded since the outbreak of the war in 2011, according to Keith Hiatt, vice president of the human rights program at Benetech, a technology nonprofit.

Washington State just passed the country’s toughest net neutrality legislation

Washington State has passed sweeping legislation to regulate internet access for its residents. The bill cleared the state senate on a 35-to-14 vote, with bipartisan support.

The Net Neutrality Defender Fighting President Trump From The Other Washington

After the Federal Communications Commission and the US Congress scrapped federal regulations protecting both network neutrality and privacy for Internet service provider customers, several states started working on their own safeguards.