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Biden-Harris Administration Launches $45 Billion “Internet for All” Initiative to Bring Affordable, Reliable High-Speed Internet to Everyone in America

The Biden-Harris Administration is launching the Internet for All initiative, which will invest $45 billion to provide affordable, reliable, high-speed internet for everyone in America by the end of the decade.

Stronger Together

Strategic economic development revitalizes communities. Approached holistically, it attracts investments, builds wealth, and promotes sustainability. As a foundational first step, planning is crucial to successful economic development. It encourages us to leverage resources, build partnerships, advance the principles of equity, and strengthen systems to address global threats like climate change. By sequencing – or “stacking” – funding opportunities, you can effectively meet your community’s economic development goals.

Deputy Secretary Graves and Gov Pierluisi Highlight Digital Equity Programs in Puerto Rico

Deputy Secretary Graves met with the Governor of Puerto Rico Pedro Pierluisi, in addition to a wide range of local leaders and stakeholders, to discuss how the federal government and Puerto Rico can work together to advance a shared economic development agenda in partnership with the people of Puerto Rico. Together, they met with public and private groups to discuss challenges and recommendations for economic growth on the island.

Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules Declaration

Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, and the United States of America are establishing a Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) Forum to promote interoperability and help bridge different regulatory approaches to data protection and privacy.  The objectives of the Global CBPR Forum are to:

Department of Commerce Releases Equity Action Plan

The Department of Commerce released its Equity Action Plan for ensuring its programming and policies reach a larger and more diverse audience. In addition to the Department’s Fiscal Year 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, the Equity Action Plan outlines how Commerce will use its programs and tools to:

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Rural Playbook

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will invest billions of dollars in rural communities across the country. Supporting Americans living in rural areas remains a top priority for the Biden Administration, and the law delivers on the President’s promises to work toward delivering affordable, high-speed internet, safe roads and bridges, modern wastewater systems, clean drinking water, reliable and affordable electricity, and good-paying jobs in every rural community.

Commerce Department Fact Sheet for Rural Communities

The Department of Commerce has a number of programs that provide support to rural communities across the country in expanding rural broadband and supporting rural environments and climate resilience. Thanks to President Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Department of Commerce has made historic investments in rural communities through a host of new and existing programs.