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Slower Speeds, Less Access: The Public Agency Response to Rural Broadband

Public entities like the Federal Communications Commission and state legislatures are supposed to look after the common good.

Internet Discrimination is a 'Feature,' Not a Problem, Says FCC Chief

[Commentary] On Thursday, December 14, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on a proposal to abolish net neutrality.

Where does it hurt? Using telehealth to improve community broadband

[Commentary] The high rate of rural hospital closures is one factor driving the increasing interest in telemedicine, which uses high speed internet services to connect patients with healthcare providers.

Legislative Efforts In Missouri, Tennessee Leave Broadband Advocates Hopeful

[Commentary] Advocates who say local governments and utility cooperatives should have more freedom to provide broadband in underserved areas scored two legislative victories this spring.

To Jumpstart Broadband Buildout, Let Consumers Decide Who Gets FCC Subsidies

[Commentary] Universal Service funding that is supposed to spur broadband development in rural America is padding the bottom line for incumbents who provide lousy service.

Broadband 'vouchers' won't help rural America connect; so what will?

[Commentary] A proposal from a former Federal Communications Commission staffer would destabilize rural America’s broadband infrastructure and discourage investment.

To Jumpstart Broadband Buildout, Let Consumers Decide Who Gets FCC Subsidies

[Commentary] Here’s a five-step system to create portable consumer subsidies for broadband:

Bills Limiting Broadband Move Forward in MO and TN Legilsatures

Broadband planners and supporters in Missouri and Tennessee say that legislative battles for publicly owned broadband have reached the tipping point this week.

Analysis: Bills in VA and MO Would Double Down on Banning Municipal Broadband

Legislation proposed in Virginia and Missouri would tighten the noose that restricts local governments from creating broadband options.

After Election, Broadband Proponents Need to Go Local

[Commentary] Americans may be split in national politics, but when the topic is broadband, voters of all persuasions are supporting fewer restrictions on community-sponsored networks.