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WNYC is beefing up its data journalism

WNYC’s data team has tracked a lot over the years: cicadas, flood zones, and even wireless Internet access on the subway. is going to be a great test of Ezra Klein’s critique of journalism

[Commentary], the much-discussed new project from Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell, and Matt Yglesias.

Can The Washington Post’s national push help support local news?

When The Washington Post announced in mid-March that it would provide free digital access to subscribers of a half-dozen local papers around the country, the consensus take was clear: After years of hesitation, the Post, under Jeff Bezos, was fina

Planned NSA reforms still leave journalists reason to worry

[Commentary] The Obama Administration set forth a proposal to reform one part of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program: the indiscriminate collection of American phone records.

Native ads: Advertorial for the digital age

[Commentary] The native-ad wars have flared up again, this time over Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo, the longtime standard bearer for serious, digital-first, for-profit news.

Meet the local paper that’s ‘raising hell’ to keep government open

The Jacksonville-based Florida Times Union is a rare outlier these days, a mid-sized regional paper willing to fight big open-government battles even as most media organizations cut back on the resources they devote to forcing officials to do thei

Diversity -- or lack thereof -- in journalism startups, cont.

[Commentary] Someone is wrong on the Internet, and I wonder if it might be me. I recently wrote a piece for the Guardian about what I saw as a disappointing trend: high-profile journalism startups reflecting the structures of old media.