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Hashtag journalism

[Commentary] Journalists have always covered “trending” topics. But in the pre-Twitter era, the trends weren’t algorithmically ranked.

Video: How net neutrality shifts may impact diversity online

Will the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed new rules governing Internet traffic further hurt those whose views and voices are already underrepresented in mainstream media?

National security journalists say it’s only getting harder to report on intelligence agencies

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued new policies requiring that all public writings and remarks -- even by former employees -- be checked beforehand for sensitive information, and circumscribing how employees can talk about

In Ukrainian media, an uncivil war of words

[Commentary] It’s too early to call the Ukrainian conflict a civil war, but fierce verbal fighting has already started between newsrooms all over the country.

Uh oh, newspapers are looking like attractive investments again

The consolidation boom in the media business may soon extend, albeit on a vastly smaller scale, to newspapers, especially the smaller ones. And no, that’s not an applause line.

It’s campaign season! Time to start searching for hidden spending in FCC files

[Commentary] Federal Communications Commission records are a potential treasure trove of near real-time political spending data -- though they are difficult to dig into.

The rise of Internet video news

[Commentary] Most of the discussion of youth news consumption and news literacy focuses on articles and written content. Increasingly, however, young people are consuming their news via online video.

WNYC is beefing up its data journalism

WNYC’s data team has tracked a lot over the years: cicadas, flood zones, and even wireless Internet access on the subway. is going to be a great test of Ezra Klein’s critique of journalism

[Commentary], the much-discussed new project from Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell, and Matt Yglesias.

Can The Washington Post’s national push help support local news?

When The Washington Post announced in mid-March that it would provide free digital access to subscribers of a half-dozen local papers around the country, the consensus take was clear: After years of hesitation, the Post, under Jeff Bezos, was fina