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United Nations must take action to ensure free speech for all

[Commentary] The United Nations General Assembly gets underway this week in New York, and beginning Sept 20, 195 leaders from around the world will parade before the UN’s green marble rostrum and deliver speeches.

Donald Trump’s wish for hacking powers sets up disaster scenario Snowden feared

[Commentary] Donald Trump shocked a lot of people when he suggested (maybe sarcastically, maybe not?) that he hopes Russia is hacking the e-mails of Hillary Clinton so they can find the ones she deleted from her private server.

Watching the press at the DNC

Shifting from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland (OH) to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (PA), the press working to cover the Democrats inside the convention hall have to battle for less space, bigger crowds, and a

Did Sanders have the right priorities on social media before Clinton clinched?

[Commentary] Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) rode a wave of populist support that nearly upended former shoo-in Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president.

Ailes’s Fox dominates conservative media. A Trump presidency could challenge that.

The combination of Ailes’s departure, a transforming conservative media, and a possible Donald Trump presidency doesn’t bode well for the status quo.

Black media has a plan to stay relevant as mainstream journalists encroach

Mainstream media—fueled by amateur videos showing tragic interactions between police and people of color, social-media activism, and wider awareness of racial discrimination—have flocked to cover black issues, with dedicated beat reporters, black-

The biggest tool at the conventions

[Commentary] Last time the Republican and Democratic National Conventions rolled around in 2012, live video coverage was almost exclusively the domain of news organizations.

Carson, Fiorina failed to leverage social media as their campaigns peaked

[Commentary] A project supported by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism and Syracuse University’s Center for Computational and Data Sciences tracks the Twitter and Facebook feeds of active presidential campaigns.

For journalists covering Trump, a Murrow moment

[Commentary] As Edward R Murrow wrapped up his now-famous special report condemning Joseph McCarthy in 1954, he looked into the camera and said words that could apply today.

In Ferguson, local news coverage shines

[Commentary] Much of the national coverage of Ferguson (MO) has been excellent.