Columbia Journalism Review

Tweaking a global source of news

[Commentary] Internet intermediaries are increasingly playing the role that publishers and editors once played.

The Facebook Armageddon

As bad as scraping for advertising revenue might be, there’s another way the Facebook threat could actually get worse: Instead of continuing to be a primary platform for news companies and trying to strike relationships with them, the company coul

Fear itself

[Commentary]  President Donald Trump’s derision hasn’t just seeped into the public consciousness; it’s worked its way into journalists’ bloodstreams, too.

The non-starter

[Commentary] Race remains a no-go topic for much of the media—which will have serious consequences for the press.

Billionaires Gone Wild

[Commentary] This is the dark timeline: Journalism-agnostic media investors learn news can’t “scale” and then jump ship just as soon as they’ve finished killing off both the corporate and independent legacy press businesses, leaving the fate of th

The president’s phantom threats

[Commentary] During his tumultuous campaign, Donald Trump declared war on the press, pledging to “open up our libel laws” and impose fines on critical journalists if elected.

Journalism’s New Patrons: Newspapers deepen embrace of philanthropy

[Commentary] Until recently, it was unthinkable that newspapers would become major recipients of charitable subsidies.