Is Russian social media meddling 'cyberwarfare'?

US lawmakers say Russia's use of social media in the 2016 presidential election amounts to cyberwarfare.

WiFi-equipped school buses help students get online

The digital age continues to spark creative developments in education. Wireless gadgets are now commonplace in the typical American classroom.

President Trump: Rupert Murdoch treats me better than Roger Ailes did

President Donald Trump has been treated better by Fox News since Rupert Murdoch took over for Roger Ailes -- and he knows it.

California lawmakers want to mandate internet for kids in juvenile detention

Internet access brings all sorts of benefits: Education, jobs, and connection to friends and family. But youth in the criminal justice and foster care systems often don't have access to it.

Yahoo and AOL will form new company called Oath

Yahoo and AOL are expected to form a new company under Verizon called Oath. The new company is expected to launch summer 2017 after Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo is completed.