FCC Denies Broadcaster Complaint Against DirecTV Distributor

The Federal Communications Commission has rejected a pair of broadcasters' complaints against a company delivering TV stations to college students but says it could refocus their complaint at DirecTV if they still have a bone to pick.

FCC's Wheeler: No Decision on Departure Date

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler says he has not decided his departure date.

Broadband Coalition Hails BDS Revamp No-Vote

Some telecommunication providers are asking the Trump Administration to pivot from Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal on re-regulating incumbent and competitive business data service (BDS) providers.

Sens Markey, Wyden Put Hold on FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel

There are now a pair of holds on a Senate vote on the nomination of Jessica Rosenworcel, and they are from members of her own party. Any senator can block a nomination by issuing such a hold.

Reactions to FCC Business Data Services Item Withdrawal

Industry players were reacting to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler's decision to pull a vote on the business data services (BDS) revamp proposal opposed by cable Internet service providers and others, including one who said i

FCC Tells Court to Reject Auction-Related Legal Challenge

The Federal Communications Commission has told the US Court of Appeals to reject a court challenge to its decision not to protect low-power TV (LPTV) stations from being displaced in the post-broadcast incentive auction repack of TV stations.

Stage Three of FCC Reverse Auction Reaches Midpoint

During all the sturm und drang over Donald Trump's stunning presidential upset and calls from Republicans for the Federal Communications Commission Chairman to ramp down his agenda, one thing they were not looking to preempt or delay was the broad

Comcast Launching Two New Hispanic Networks

Comcast, which agreed to launch a series of independent and minority-owned networks to get its acquisition of NBCUniversal approved, said it will be distributing Hispanic-oriented Primo TV and Kids Central when they go on the air in January.

Parents Television Council to Senate: Confirm FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel

Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel of the Federal Communications Commission, who will have to leave the commission at the beginning of January if the Senate does not vote to reconfirm her, has gotten the endorsement of the Parents Television Council

FCC Takes Aim at DirecTV Now

The Federal Communications Commission has fired a warning shot at AT&T's free data service for mobile customers, saying the combination of DirecTV Now and AT&T Mobility sponsored data plans "appears to present significant anti-competitive