Rep Clarke: Minorities Need National Media Voice

Rep Yvette Clarke (D-NY) says it is time for minorities to be able to frame their own stories rather than have them filtered through a media that does not reflect them in front of or behind the camera.

Democratic Reps Attempt to Boost FTC Privacy Authority

The House Commerce Committee has defeated two amendments from Democratic Reps to a reform bill that would have given the Federal Trade Commission authority to regulate broadband Internet service provider consumer privacy and more authority to regu

Survey: European Union Needs Trade Deal Privacy Regime

Digital rights and privacy groups are launching a campaign to pressure trade deal negotiators to look at privacy and data protection differently.

Roku to Wheeler: HTML5 Should Not Be De Facto Navigation Standard

Video streaming device maker Roku has issues with the Federal Communications Commission's set-top box unlocking plan, but it also has issues with the cable industry's box-ditching, apps-based plan.

Democratic Senators Say Digital Ad Fraud Rampant

A pair of powerful Democratic Sens have called on the Federal Trade Commission to protect consumers from digital advertising fraud, which they suggest is rampant, including potential regulation of reform of ad exchanges.

Regulatory Offenses

[Commentary] Mark Twain deliciously mocked James Fenimore Cooper for creating characters that appeared not to be able to jump onto a boat one foot from the river bank, and moving at a snail’s pace.

Dollars and Sense

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission and broadcasters have teamed up to set a high bar for clearing out all that broadcast TV spectrum being repurposed.

FCC Probes Cable Operators on ‘Ditch the Box’ Effort

The Federal Communications Commission has a bunch of questions for cable operators and other backers of an app-based “ditch the box” compromise proposal on promoting competitive navigation devices.

House Passes FCC-Blocking Finance Bill

The House passed the (FY) 2017 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill (HR 5485) that cuts the Federal Communications Commission budget and would prevent it from enforcing its network neutrality rules, implementing a new set-

Univision Sues Charter Over Post-Merger Rates

Univision said it filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Charter Communications claiming that rather than negotiate a new carriage agreement, Charter is attempting to impose rates and other terms of Univision’s agreement with Time Warner Cable