AT&T-Time Warner Expect to Grow Ad Platform

With its huge distribution footprint and data about its consumers, AT&T and Time Warner expect to be able to create innovative advertising products, in addition to new forms of content that would appeal to an increasingly mobile viewership for

Microsoft Has Issues With FCC Set-Top Proposal

Executives from Microsoft met with Federal Communications Commission officials recently—including a top advisor to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler—armed with some issues related to Chairman Wheeler's set-top box proposal, currently circulated to the comm

FCC Fighting 'Hostile Workplace' Charges

The Federal Communications Commission is the target of a lawsuit related to allegations that FCC employees were repeatedly watching porn at work, creating a hostile work environment for a fellow employee. The suit stems from 2012.

Advertisers Offer Broadband Privacy Alternative

With the Federal Communications Commission preparing to vote Oct 27 on a proposal that could for the first time sweep web browsing and app use histories into an opt-in regime, disallowing the sharing of that info by Internet service providers unle

USTelecom: FCC Should Opt Out of Broad Web Info Regulations

Add USTelecom to those trying to get the Federal Communications Commission not to apply a broad opt-in regime to the use and sharing of web browsing and app use histories by Internet service providers.

Sen Markey Stumps for Privacy Proposal

Sen Ed Markey (D-MA) put in a last-minute push for the Federal Communications Commission's broadband privacy proposal, which is on the agenda for an Oct. 27 vote.

FCC's Forward Auction Closes After Only One Round

According to the Federal Communications Commission, the second stage of the forward portion of the FCC’s broadcast incentive auction went only one two-hour round, is now closed and the FCC will have to move to yet another round of reverse auction

Group of 76 Organizations Leads Parade for FCC Action

Looking to light a fire under the Federal Communications Commission, a group of 76 organizations have written FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the other commissioners to urge them to take action on three items and issues currently before the commissio

UltraViolet Action Petitions NBC, MGM to Release Trump Tapes

UltraViolet Action, a women's advocacy organization fighting sexism, says it has collected over 115,000 signatures on its own petition demanding that MGM and NBC release tapes of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on reality show The

NAB Asks FCC To Act on Nexstar/Media General

The National Association of Broadcasters has joined with a number of diversity groups in asking the Federal Communications Commission not to wait until after the incentive auction is over, which is likely a couple months away at least and perhaps