Bewkes: AT&T-Time Warner Merger Creates Advertising Competition

Facing the prospect of a lengthy review of its acquisition by AT&T, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said the transaction would spur consumer choice and competition in the digital advertising industry.

Parents Television Council to California: Keep Off (TV) Grass

The Parents Television Council—which is based in Los Angeles—is calling on voters in California to oppose a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana use.

National Association of Broadcasters: FCC's Phased Approach to Repack Is Reasonable

The National Association of Broadcasters says it is OK with the Federal Communications Commission's phased approach to transitioning TV stations to new channels after the incentive auction, calling it a reasonable approach to spreading out the wor

Trump Accuses Social Media of Burying Clinton Story

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, no fan of the media, tweeted over the weekend that he thought social media sites were suppressing the story about the new e-mails FBI Director James Comey had told Congress were being looked at in re

Sen Markey: FCC Should Review AT&T-Time Warner Deal

Sen Ed Markey (D-MA) says the Federal Communications Commission should get to review the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger.

FCC Backs FTC's Challenge to Ninth Circuit Ruling

Federal Communications Commission lawyers agree a recent court decision could threaten the privacy partnership between the FCC and Federal Trade Commission necessitated by the reclassification of Internet service providers as Title II common carri

FCC Triennial Report to Congress: Open Internet Order Was Pro-Small Business

The Federal Communications Commission released "Section 257 Triennial Report to Congress Identifying and Eliminating Market Entry Barriers For Entrepreneurs and other Small Businesses." The FCC under Chairman Tom Wheeler says it has created "unpre

FCC's Wheeler Won't 'Hip Shoot' on AT&T-Time Warner Merger Role

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler isn't talking about the potential for the FCC to be reviewing the proposed AT&T/Time Warner merger. He was asked to weigh in after the FCC's public meeting Oct 27.

Chairman Wheeler: ISPs Have Ability to Deal With DDoS Attacks

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler says that the FCC's Open Internet order does give Internet service providers the ability to deal with the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks like the one that hit Twitter, Netflix an

AT&T-Time Warner Merger Could Impact Disney’s ESPN

The creation of a new media giant with the acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T could cause strategic challenges for Disney and its ESPN unit, according to a new analyst report.