Comcast Acquires Watchwith

In a move that tacks on technologies that will drive deeper search and discovery capabilities into its X1 platform, Comcast has acquired Watchwith, a company that has built a video metadata platform that can decipher what’s happening inside a movi

Targeted Media Boosts Share of Political Pie

It was a record year for political ad spending, according to ad trackers at Borrell Associates, up 4.6% from the 2012 presidential election to $9.8 billion, but money is shifting toward more targeted ads, with cable in on the new bounty.

Trump Adds Wireless Entrepreneur to FCC Landing Team

President-elect Donald Trump has added a fourth member to the Federal Communications Commission landing team, the volunteers working on transitioning the agency to Republican majority control come Jan 20.

Windstream-EarthLink Merger Clears Antitrust Hurdle

The Justice Department or the Federal Trade Commission have given a clean antitrust review bill of health to the proposed $1.1 billion merger of Internet service providers Windstream and EarthLink.

Tribune Sells Gracenote to Nielsen for $560 Million

Tribune Media Co agreed to sell Gracenote, which provides media and entertainment metadata, to Nielsen for $560 million.

Still No FCC Decision on Nexstar-Media General

In the "no news is not good news for either Nexstar or Media General" department, the Federal Communications Commission's Media Bureau has yet to act on the waiver request by the two broadcasters that the commission make a decision on their propos

Sallet Champions Gatekeeper Approach to ISPs in Merger Reviews

The Federal Communications Commission's former general counsel Jon Sallet made the case for FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's targeting of Internet service providers as the primary threat to Internet openness.

CenturyLink Snags Senate Contract

CenturyLink has secured an $11.4 million contract (three years at $3.8 million per year) to provide VoIP service to the state offices of US Senators. The contract covers hardware, software, training and help desks for more than 450 offices.

Chairman Wheeler: Rosenworcel Is Long-Term Communications Policy Leader

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel's fingerprints are on "so much of what this agency has done." Chairman Wheeler praised his fellow Democrat as she prepares to exit the commission followin

Analysis: Tom Wheeler's FCC Legacy

Ultimately, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler had a clear sense of his mission, which was to make sure that broadband—the transformative technology of this century—was available to all—which he combined with a distrust of the