FCC Chairman Pai Meets With Diverse Stakeholders on Digital Divide

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai had his first official meeting with outside parties as chairman with a diverse group of stakeholders in closing that digital divide, apparently.

An ‘Open-Internet’ Letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

[Commentary] Because you will be the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, we want to initiate a dialogue with you—and the public.

Senate Democrats Want Public Interest Statement on AT&T-Time Warner

Democratic Sens are asking AT&T and Time Warner to prove that their proposed merger is in the public interest, given that they plan to structure the deal so that it does not need Federal Communications Commission review.

Republican Commerce Leaders Ask FCC Chairman Pai to Close Set-Top Docket

New Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is a long and strong opponent of former Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal to revamp the set-top box marketplace to boost online video competition and would be unlikely to exhume that push, but

Democratic Lawmakers Propose $20 Billion Broadband Spend

Looking to trump President Donald Trump's trillion-dollar infrastructure spending plans, Democratic lawmakers unveiled their own plan that calls for spending big bucks to expand "high speed and affordable broadband" in both unserved and "underserv

Copyright Alliance Presses Trump on Protections

The Copyright Alliance, which represents content creators, has asked President Donald Trump to stand up for copyright protections here and abroad, pointing out he has a personal interest in that protection.

FTC's Ohlhausen: Agency Should Focus on Real Harms

Republican Federal Trade Commission member Maureen Ohlhausen, who is reportedly President Donald Trump's choice as interim FTC chair, said she has not met with the President but says the FTC should focus its energies on real harms, rather than spe

FCC General Counsel Symons Exiting

Federal Communications Commission general counsel Howard Symons is exited the FCC Jan 20 after three years, most of it as vice chair of the incentive auction task force.

Chairman Wheeler: Spectrum Auction Was Congress' Directive

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler says that the spectrum auction will clear the second most spectrum of any FCC auction, but that it was not the FCC's role but the marketplace's to determine that price or how much spectrum sho

OTA Broadcasting Settles FCC Political File Investigation

OTA Broadcasting has agreed to pay $32,000 to settle an Federal Communications Commission investigation into its political file practices. The FCC's Media Bureau released an order outlining the settlement.