FirstNet Milestone Draws Crowd of Fans, Including White House

The Commerce Department's announcement that AT&T had been awarded the contract to build and maintain FirstNet, the interoperable broadband communications network suggested after first responder communications failures on 9/11, drew praise from

Pai to ACA: Broadband Is an 'American' Issue

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai said that broadband is the infrastructure challenge of our time, and he sees cable operators not as an enemy of that effort but as partners in better enabling citizens to reap the benefits of the

President Trump Exhumes Veiled Threat to Change Libel Laws

President Donald Trump has renewed his suggestion that libel laws might need to be tightened so he could pursue news outlets whose stories he feels are wrong or unjustified attacks.

FCC Issues Payment Guidelines for Incentive Auction, Repack

Broadcasters and cable operators who want to get compensated for post-incentive auction repack expenses, and broadcasters who want to get their incentive auction winning bid payments, need to read the latest Federal Communications Commission publi

FCC's Pai Gets Pushback on Lifeline Eligibility Rollback

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai was already getting pushback from Capitol Hill, his fellow Democratic commissioner, and others soon after he announced the plan to roll back the FCC's Lifeline eligibility program in favor of let

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Makes Case on Hill for Funding

Corporation for Public Broadcasting president Patricia Harrison was on Capitol Hill March 28 to pitch full funding for noncommercial TV and radio—even as President Donald Trump has proposed cutting all federal funds—but to some Republican pushback

News Media Alliance to FCC: Stronger Industry Is Best Fake News Defense

The News Media Alliance, the principal newspaper association, has told the Federal Communications Commission there is no "rational explanation" for the commission to continue to preserve the 1975 newspaper-broadcast crossownership ban and that to

AT&T Expands Fiber to 17 More Metros

AT&T Fiber, the new brand for an fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) effort previously called AT&T GigaPower, said it has expanded its footprint to parts of 17 more metros.

New Bill Would Make Copyright Chief Term-Limited POTUS Pick

The Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act of 2017 was introduced late March 23.

AT&T, DOJ Settle Dodgers Suit

The Department of Justice has reached a settlement with DirecTV parent AT&T in which it agreed not to share "confidential, forward-looking information with competitors." The antitrust division filed suit Nov.