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A NASA Engineer Was Required to Unlock his Phone at the Border

A US-born scientist was detained at the Houston (TX) airport until he gave customs agents the passcode to his work-issued device.

How Did Cybersecurity Become So Political?

Less than a month before he was elected president, Donald Trump promised to make cybersecurity “an immediate and top priority for my administration.” He had talked about technology often on the campaign trail—mostly to attack Hillary Clinton for u

How Trump’s Immigration Rules Will Hurt the US Tech Sector

When President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Jan 27 issuing a temporary ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, it went into effect immediately. The order had immediate consequences for thousands of people.

How media technology and Donald Trump have changed the way journalists think about describing falsehoods

Questioning a sitting president’s truthfulness and actually using the words “lie,” “lied,” or “lying” has often been relegated to the opinion pages, editorials, or put in quotation marks: Let somebody else suggest the chief executive is lying abou

Professionalism, Propaganda, and the Press

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s senior counselor, called Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s first official press conference a “tour de force.” That’s not strange, because Trump advisers’ main rhetorical approach is to reflect their boss’ penchant for exagger

Kremlin-Sponsored News Does Really Well on Google

There’s a category of often-misleading news sources that seems to have escaped the notice of tech companies: state-sponsored outlets like RT, a TV network and online news website that’s funded by the Russian government.

What Do You Mean by 'The Media?'

[Commentary] Interrogating the meaning of “the media” has become more important in recent months, as no American president has tried so aggressively to discredit all journalists.

Why Some People Think a Typo Cost Clinton the Election

On March 19, an IT employee at the Hillary Clinton campaign gave John Podesta, the campaign chairman, some computer-security advice.

How Will the Public Learn About Cyberattacks Under President Trump?

If the public is to stay informed about foreign hacking that the executive branch wanted to keep quiet, whistleblowers in the intelligence community would have to come forward to leak important findings.

Will Donald Trump Dismantle the Internet as We Know It?

The Republican party’s 2016 platform referred to existing network neutrality rules as the “gravest peril” putting “the survival of the internet as we know it ...