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The Founding Fathers Encrypted Secret Messages, Too

As a youth in the Virginia colony, Thomas Jefferson encrypted letters to a confidante about the woman he loved.

What Happens When the President Is a Publisher, Too?

What everyone actually knows, or should by now, is that while President Donald Trump claims to hate “the media,” he is himself an active publisher.

Social Media’s Silent Filter

Thus far, much of the post-election discussion of social-media companies has focused on algorithms and automated mechanisms that are often assumed to undergird most content-dissemination processes online. But algorithms are not the whole story.

How Long Can Border Agents Keep Your Email Password?

When you cross into or out of the United States, whether in a car or at an airport, you enter a special zone where federal agents have unusual powers to search your belongings—powers they don’t have elsewhere in the country.

How Does Donald Trump Think His War on the Press Will End?

[Commentary] “I love the First Amendment,” President Trump told the CPAC crowd. “Nobody loves it better than me. Nobody.” “I mean, who uses it more than I do?” he added. He uses it all right, but to what end?

A Bot That Identifies 'Toxic' Comments Online

Civil conversation in the comment sections of news sites can be hard to come by these days. Whatever intelligent observations do lurk there are often drowned out by obscenities, ad-hominem attacks, and off-topic rants.

A Dangerous Time for the Press and the Presidency

[Commentary] The relationship between the government and the press should be adversarial, as their missions are often at odds.

The Mark Zuckerberg Manifesto Is a Blueprint for Destroying Journalism

It’s not that Mark Zuckerberg set out to dismantle the news business when he founded Facebook 13 years ago. Yet news organizations are perhaps the biggest casualty of the world Zuckerberg built.

A NASA Engineer Was Required to Unlock his Phone at the Border

A US-born scientist was detained at the Houston (TX) airport until he gave customs agents the passcode to his work-issued device.

How Did Cybersecurity Become So Political?

Less than a month before he was elected president, Donald Trump promised to make cybersecurity “an immediate and top priority for my administration.” He had talked about technology often on the campaign trail—mostly to attack Hillary Clinton for u