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When Your Hearing Aid Is An iPhone

Starkey Hearing Technologies recently launched Halo, a hearing device that syncs with iPhones and iPads.

Why Doctors Still Use Pen And Paper

A Q&A with David Blumenthal, a physician and former Harvard Medical School professor. The health-care system is one of the most technology-dependent parts of the American economy, and one of the most primitive.

The Fall of Internet Freedom: Meet the Company That Secretly Built ‘Cuban Twitter'

The United States discreetly supported the creation of a website and SMS service that was, basically, a Cuban version of Twitter, the Associated Press reported.

There's No Real Difference Between Online Espionage and Online Attack

[Commentary] Back when we first started getting reports of the Chinese breaking into US computer networks for espionage purposes, we described it in some very strong language. We called the Chinese actions cyber-attacks.