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Home Internet data caps and overage fees expand to more US cities

Cox is continuing the trend of bringing data caps and overage fees to customers in new cities. Cox, the third largest cable company in the US after Comcast and Charter, has 6 million residential and business customers in 18 states.

Comcast, AT&T, and ISP lobbyists are excited about Trump’s FCC chair

Comcast, AT&T, and industry lobbyist groups representing Internet service provider are heaping praise on Ajit Pai, who was appointed Federal Communications Commission chairman by President Donald Trump yesterday.

Trump voters need fast broadband and net neutrality too, Tom Wheeler says

Donald Trump's election has put Republicans in position to eliminate network neutrality rules and gut the Federal Communications Commission's authority to regulate broadband providers.

AT&T raises phone activation fee another $5, now charges $25

AT&T has raised its non-contract phone activation and upgrade fee from $20 to $25, the latest increase for a fee that didn't even exist until July 2015.

More, cheaper, bigger, faster: The defense and cyber strategy of Donald Trump

Since Election Day, President-elect Donald Trump has taken an inordinate interest in some of the minutia of defense policy.

ISPs seek end of privacy rules just in time for Trump’s inauguration

New privacy rules that protect the Web browsing data of broadband subscribers went into effect just two weeks ago, but they could be overturned shortly after Republicans gain a majority at the Federal Communications Commission.

Trump team reportedly wants to strip FCC of consumer protection powers

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team is reportedly pushing a proposal to strip the Federal Communications Commission of its role in overseeing competition and consumer protection.

Lawyer sues Chicago police, claims they used stingray on him

A local attorney has sued the City of Chicago and numerous police officials in a proposed federal class-action lawsuit, claiming that he and countless others were unconstitutionally searched when the police used a cell-site simulator without a war

Verizon raises upgrade fee to “cover increased cost”—but its costs declined

Verizon Wireless is now charging a $30 upgrade fee when customers switch to a new phone, up from the previous fee of $20.

Canada sets universal broadband goal of 50Mbps and unlimited data for all

Canada's telecommunications regulator declared that broadband Internet must be considered "a basic telecommunications service for all Canadians" and created a fund to connect rural and remote communities.