Jon Cited in New America's "The Cost of Connectivity 2020"

The Cost of Connectivity 2020

On July 15, New America published The Cost of Connectivity 2020, a pivotal report on internet affordability worldwide, with a particular emphasis on connectivity in the United States.

Authors Becky Chao and Claire Park cite Jon Sallet's recommendation of $10 per month being an affordable benchmark for low-income households. The authors write, "Only six plans in our U.S. dataset meet this $10 benchmark at any speed tier (only four meet Sallet's 50/50 Mbps recommendation)," and all six are offered in Ammon, Idaho. Ammon's municipal broadband network was featured in Jon's Broadband for America's Future report. "Even with promotional pricing, no private provider offers a plan that meets Sallet’s $10 benchmark for low-income households," said Chao and Park.