Too Big to be Left Unnoticed: America's Uncompetitive Broadband Market

Jon's speech at The Capitol Forum's Annual Tech, Media, & Telecom Competition Conference on December 5, 2019. 

We should pay more attention to the lack of competition in the provision of fixed broadband to homes and small businesses.

  1. Fixed-broadband competition is very, very limited. That’s a problem for consumers and for their communities.
  2. Pro-competition policies can tackle that problem by stimulating competition that delivers competitive benefits to consumers – more savings, more quality, more innovation.
  3. The correct way to think about greater competition is not to ask simply what is most profitable for any one company; it is to ask what best serves consumers.

The benefits from the use of High-Performance Broadband accrue to the broader economic and social benefit of America. Limited broadband competition—without regard to its cause—therefore curbs the economic and social progress that broadband can help deliver.