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Benton Foundation Welcomes FCC's IP Transition Presentation

December 12, 2013

Earlier today, the Federal Communications Commission heard a status update on the Technology Transitions Policy Task Force’s work to make near-term recommendations related to the Commission’s expectations and role in what is referred to as the IP transition: the ongoing transitions from copper to fiber, from wireline to wireless, and from time-division multiplexing (TDM) to all-Internet Protocol (IP). The following can be attributed to Benton Foundation Director of Policy Amina Fazlullah:

Benton Foundation Moves to Expand Communications News and Analysis Service

The Benton Foundation announces that Rebecca Ellis has joined the organization as Writing Associate for the foundation’s Headlines service. Ellis will report directly to Kevin Taglang, who has recently been promoted to Executive Editor. Since 1996, the Benton Foundation has provided free, daily summaries of articles from the consumer and trade press concerning the quickly-changing communications policy landscape. Taglang will focus on creating new content and resources for Benton’s readers.

Letter to FCC Draws Attention to Need for Post-Disaster Communications Policies

On July 25, the Benton Foundation, Public Knowledge and 16 other organizations sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Clyburn. The letter asks the FCC to take the lead role in defining acceptable post-disaster changes to Title II services. This comes in the wake of Verizon’s implementation of Voice Link on Fire Island. The premature rollout threatens to raise a precedent that puts Americans at risk after natural disaster situations.

Benton Foundation Announces Reorganization of Leadership

Charles Benton
[email protected]

Adrianne Benton Furniss Becomes the Executive Director, Amina Fazlullah Director of Policy

The Benton Foundation today announced the reorganization of leadership to strengthen the organization’s core work advocating for universal, affordable broadband and begin a transition to a new generation of Benton stewardship.

Benton Applauds NTIA Broadband Adoption Toolkit

On May 2, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released its Broadband Adoption Toolkit, a document aimed at sharing best practices developed from broadband adoption and digital literacy projects funded by the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP). The following can be attributed to Benton Foundation Executive Director Cecilia Garcia:

Benton Congratulates Clyburn, Wheeler

On May 1, President Barack Obama announced his intention to nominate Tom Wheeler to be the chairman of the Federal Commutations Commission. President Obama also named, current FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn the Interim Chair of the FCC. The following statement can be attributed to Benton Foundation Chairman Charles Benton:

Statement of Charles Benton on Passing of Bob Edgar

The Benton Foundation mourns the loss of Bob Edgar, the President and CEO of Common Cause, who died prematurely on Tuesday. He was a gentle and determined advocate for justice and human rights. I first met him in connection with his leadership in fighting for the victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam, both our soldiers and the Vietnamese people. It was one of his proudest accomplishments as a Congressman from Pennsylvania.