CenturyLink offers low-cost Internet plan

Source: Hill, The
Author: Brendan Sasso
Coverage Type: reporting
CenturyLink, 100 CenturyTel Dr, Monroe, LA, 71201, United States

Internet service provider CenturyLink announced a discounted Internet plan for low-income families. The "Internet Basics" program will offer high-speed Internet for $9.95 a month and a netbook computer for $150 to qualifying families.

The company agreed to offer the plan in order to receive approval from the Federal Communications Commission to buy its competitor, Qwest Communications, earlier this year. It agreed to offer the program for at least five years. The plan mirrors the "Internet Essentials" program that Comcast agreed to offer to receive regulatory approval to buy NBC-Universal. To sign up for CenturyLink's plan, households must qualify for the Lifeline Affordable Telephone service program. The Comcast program is offered to families that qualify for the federal school lunch program. CenturyLink also plans to offer basic computer education classes to its discounted Internet plan customers.



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