Sen Hutchison slams FCC’s net neutrality rules

Source: Hill, The
Coverage Type: reporting
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Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) criticized the Federal Communications Commission’s network neutrality rules again after they were published in the Federal Register.

“I'm very disappointed that the FCC has decided to move forward with its misguided net neutrality order,” Sen Hutchison said. “Companies and industries that use broadband communications have flourished over the last decade without government intervention, yet the FCC has chosen to ‘fix’ a problem that does not exist.” “Rather than imposing new, unnecessary regulations on one of the few thriving sectors of our economy, government should get out of the way, and allow new jobs and investment in broadband technologies,” Sen Hutchison said. “In order to turn back the FCC’s onerous net neutrality restrictions, I will push for a Senate vote this fall on my resolution of disapproval.”



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