Making their way in the digital world

Author: Daniel Talbot
Tahlequah, OK, United States

You see it everywhere you go: Kids networking on cell phones and laptops. For older adults, today's youth may seem far more technologically advanced when it comes to communicating. But in today's world, tech-savvy is not only a social requirement, it helps prepare students for college and careers. Administrators at Briggs School understand it's important to provide youth with the tools necessary to compete, and have implemented the one-to-one computer program. The one-to-one program is a cutting-edge learning method in which middle school students are provided laptops as part of their learning process. Briggs Public school is one of two schools in the county to implement the one-to-one program this semester. It has taken time to get a Mac Book to every student in the middle school, but the long process is starting to show some pretty impressive results.

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