Introducing ERIC PSAC

Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC, 20554, United States

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski has appointed persons to serve on the Emergency Response Interoperability Center Public Safety Advisory Committee (ERIC PSAC or Committee).

Chairman Genachowski has also designated Chief Jeff Johnson, representing the International Association of Fire Chiefs, as Chairman of the Committee and Deputy Chief Eddie Reyes, representing the City of Alexandria, Virginia Police Department, as Committee Vice-Chair.

The members represent a diverse and balanced mix of viewpoints from public safety organizations, state, local and tribal government agencies, and various entities from the communications industry. The Committee is a Federal Advisory Committee that will provide recommendations to assist the Commission's Emergency Response Interoperability Center, an entity established within the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, in the development of a technical framework and requirements for interoperability in order to ensure that the public safety wireless broadband network is interoperable on a nationwide basis. The Commission published in the Federal Register on July 23, 2010, a notice of its intent to establish the Committee. On August 6, 2010, the FCC, pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act, established the charter for the ERIC PSAC for a period of two years through August 6, 2012.

Under its charter, the ERIC PSAC's duties may include:

  • Recommending technical and operational requirements and procedures to ensure a nationwide level of interoperability for the public safety broadband network;
  • Recommending requirements and procedures to address operability, roaming, priority access, gateway functions and interfaces, the interconnectivity of public safety broadband networks, and other matters related to the functioning of the nationwide public safety broadband network;
  • Recommending authentication and encryption requirements for common public safety broadband applications and network use;
  • Recommending best practices and actions the Commission can take to ensure the security, reliability, operability, and interoperability of public safety communications systems; and
  • Recommending ways to strengthen the collaboration between communications service providers and public safety entities during emergencies and make recommendations for how they can be improved.


Gene Fullano, Designated Federal Officer
Brian Hurley, Deputy Designated Federal Officer

Chair: Chief Jeff Johnson
International Association of Fire Chiefs
Chief Executive Officer Western Fire Chiefs Association

Vice Chair: Deputy Chief Eddie Reyes
City of Alexandria Virginia Police Department


Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International
Richard Mirgon
Immediate Past President, APCO International

International Association of Chiefs of Police
Chief Harlin R. McEwen
Chair, Communications & Technology Committee, IACP

Major County Sheriffs Association
Raymond J. Flynn
Assistant Sheriff, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Major Cities Chiefs Association
Deputy Chief Charles Dowd
New York City Police Department, Communications Division

National Sheriffs’ Association
Andrew M. Seybold
CEO and Principal Consultant, Andrew Seybold, Inc.

Fraternal Order of Police
Major Hugh T. Clements, Jr.
Commanding Officer Uniform Division
Providence Police Department

International Association of Fire Fighters
Jonathan W. Moore, Director
IAFF Fire & EMS Operations/GIS Department

National EMS Management Association
Gary Wingrove
President, NEMSMA

National Association of State EMS Officials
Kevin McGinnis, MPS, EMT-P
Communications Technology Advisor

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
Robert Lederman
Broadband and Network Engineer/First Responder

National Public Safety Telecommunications Council
Tom Sorley
Deputy Director, Radio Communications Services

National Emergency Management Association
Michael Cline
State Coordinator
Virginia Department of Emergency Management

International Municipal Signal Association
Chief Douglas M. Aiken
Chair IMSA Communications Committee, IMSA
Lakes Regional Mutual Fire Aid
Laconia, New Hampshire

American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials
William K. Brownlow
AASHTO Telecommunications Manager

American Hospital Association
John T. Collins, FASHE, HFDP
Director, Engineering & Compliance
American Society for Healthcare Engineering

InterAgency Board
Leonard Edling
Chicago Fire Department, Bureau of Operations

National Emergency Number Association
Brian Fontes, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

National Association of State Chief Information Officers
Kenneth Boley
Director, Intergovernmental Initiatives
Office of the Chief Technology Officer
Government of the District of Columbia

National Governors Association
Ray Lehr
Statewide Interoperability Director
State of Maryland

New York State
Colonel Steven F. Cumoletti
Deputy Superintendent
New York State Police

Sandy Springs Police Department
Chief Terry L. Sult
Chief of Police
Sandy Springs, Georgia

City of New Orleans
Urban Area Security Initiative. New Orleans Region
Kenneth C. Hughes, Jr. (Colonel Ret.)
Regional Communications Planner

Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System
John Lenihan
Battalion Chief

Tennessee Valley Regional Communications System
Arnold Hooper
System Management/Regional Interoperability Coordinator

California Emergency Management Agency
Mike Beckstrand
Emergency Communication Coordinator
Advisor Interoperability Section

William Schrier
City of Seattle
Department of Information Technology
Chief Technology Officer and Director

State of Delaware
Department of Homeland Security
Mark A. Grubb
Director, Division of Communications

State of Louisiana
Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Brant Mitchell
Deputy Director for Management, Finance and Interoperability

Oregon Wireless Interoperability Network
Peter van den Berg
OWIN Strategic Planning Manager

Nevada Department of Public Safety
Robert F. Wideman
Statewide Interoperability Coordinator
Division of Emergency Management

Washington State Department of Information Services
Doug Mah
Policy Manager

Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Jackie Mines
Director, Emergency Communications Networks Division

Texas Department of Public Safety
Michael Simpson
Assistant Director
Law Enforcement Support
Texas Statewide Communications Interoperability Coordinator

Commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia Information Technologies Agency
Dorothy A. Spears-Dean
Public Safety Coordinator

Michigan Public Safety Communication System
Bradley A. Stoddard

State of Mississippi
Christopher B. Epps
Chair Mississippi Wireless Communication
Commissioner Mississippi Department of Corrections

State of New Mexico
Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Jacqueline J. Miller
Chief Technology Officer

State of Ohio
Office of Information Technology
Thomas Bretthauer
Data Systems Manager
Multi-Agency Radio Communications System

Gila River Indian Community
Mark J. Hill, Sr.
Public Safety Communications Engineer
911 Administrator/Manager
Amber Alert Coordinator

Intra-Tribal Council of California, Inc.
Robert S. Nelson
Assistant Tribal Administrator
Director of Emergency Management

AT&T, Inc.
Stacey F. Black
Assistant Vice President

Verizon Wireless
Harry A. (Alex) Coleman II
Vice President, Government and Education Markets

T-Mobile USA Inc.
Neville Ray
Chief Network Officer

Rural Telecommunications Group
Art Prest
RTG Technical Advisor
Managing Director, Art Prest & Associates

Sprint Nextel Corporation
Vonya B. McCann
Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

Satellite Industry Association
Patricia A. Cooper

Dr. Kenneth C. Budka
Senior Director, Advanced Mission Critical Communications
Bell Labs Chief Technology Office

Michael Coyne
Vice President for Mobile Broadband Solutions

Harris Corporation
Dr. Dennis M. Martinez
Vice President Broadband and Cellular Products
Public Safety and Professional Business Unit

Intrado, Inc.
Stephen Meer
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

IPWireless, Inc.
Roger Quayle
Chief Technology Officer

Paul Steinberg
Chief Technology Officer Motorola Solutions

Nokia Siemens Networks
Ajit Kahaduwe
Head of Industry Environment North America

Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Maria Estefania
Vice President Standards Development

Syniverse Technologies, Inc.
Byron Neal
Chief Network Architect

Illinois Institute of Technology
Kenneth J Zdunek, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scholar

Chief Charles Werner
Fire Chief, Charlottesville Virginia Fire Department



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