Deregulate Now

[SOURCE: The Hill 10/20, AUTHOR: Sen. John Sununu (R-NH)]
For all the speeches, declarations, opening statements, meetings and interest, Congress has made little progress in passing a forward-looking telecommunications bill that reflects the current and future marketplace. Meanwhile, we have preserved the broken, outdated models and provisions of the Communications Act of 1934 as if the status quo provided stability, certainty or comfort. It provides none of this. In the coming months, several reform proposals will be put forward for Congress’s consideration. Let’s hope that these efforts do not contain pages upon pages of new legislative text preserving portions of current law under the guise of deregulation. I offer a simple solution for the faint-hearted: Go talk to an eighth-grader (any eighth-grader). They will reassure you clearly and unequivocally that these rules make no sense. Go ahead and get rid of them. … It will be all right.



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