Explore network resilience and preparedness



Recommendation #204

FCC Chapter: 16.10

Status: In progress

The Federal Communications Commission should explore network resilience and preparedness.

The FCC should begin an inquiry into the resilience of broadband networks under a set of physical failures -- either malicious or non-malicious -- and under severe overload.

This will allow the FCC to assess the ability of next-generation public safety communications systems to withstand direct attacks and to determine if any actions should be taken in this regard.

This proceeding should examine commercial networks' preparedness to withstand overloads that may occur during extraordinary events such as bioterrorism attacks or pandemics.

This proceeding will give the FCC insight into pandemic preparedness in commercial broadband networks. In addition, it will yield important information about the susceptibility of such networks to severe overloads and how network congestion on residential-access networks -- particularly in the "last mile" -- may undermine public safety communications and 911 access during a pandemic or other large-scale event.