Streamline the E-rate application process



Recommendation #129

FCC Chapter: 11.19

Status: Completed

The Federal Communications Commission should initiate a rulemaking to streamline the E-rate application process.

The FCC should continue to protect the E-rate program from waste, fraud and abuse. However, straightforward modifications to the program can improve the administration, allocation and disbursement of funds while still ensuring that funding is used for its intended purpose.

The FCC can ease burdens on applicants for Priority 1 services that enter into multiyear contracts. Applications for small amounts could be streamlined with a simplified application similar to the "1040EZ" form the Internal Revenue Service makes available for some taxpayers.

The FCC should work with other relevant federal agencies, including the Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture, to streamline requirements between agencies and ensure that schools and libraries do not have to duplicate work because of uncoordinated deadlines or other requirements that differ only slightly.