Rep Eshoo: FCC already has the power to regulate free, open Internet

[Commentary] An open Internet combined with expeditious broadband rollout is essential to maintaining our place as a leader in both telecommunications innovation and technological development.

The Comcast ruling will not undermine our efforts to upgrade and modernize the rules governing these core industries. This narrow decision did not say that the Federal Communications Commission lacks authority to oversee the Internet or even dictate a method for doing so, because the law clearly permits the FCC to regulate broadband. The FCC can use current law to provide access to all Internet sites and content on an equal, neutral basis. The FCC needs to choose a method for complying with the court and take immediate action. The FCC can ask the court for additional guidance and adopt real rules that make net neutrality, or an open Internet, a permanent fixture. Or, the FCC can reclassify broadband as a common carrier like telephones, which are subject to consumer protection requirements that mimic net neutrality principles.

Regardless of the method, I will continue working to ensure an accessible and open broadband rollout.



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